Our Story

Vim N Vigor is a natural foods, vitamin and supplement store located in the Ala Moana Shopping Center (next to the Post Office).  The store was founded by our father, Jules M. Kozuki, over 40 years ago. It is now owned by his 6 kids, and managed by the 3 daughters who live on Oahu, Sherrie Rodi, Keriann Osada, and Mary “Fudge” Kozuki.

Vim N Vigor opened its first location on Kapahulu Avenue where the Hee Hing Building now resides.  Our father practically started the “health food” movement here in Hawaii back in the mid-60’s.  He opened a small shop with a healthy juice bar in the front, and in the back he used his baking knowledge gained from working at the Kozuki family bakery on Maui, Home Maid Bakery, to produce fresh stone ground breads, whole wheat pastries, and other healthy foods that we as kids never liked to eat.  Imagine having to serve prune cake to your friends at your birthday party!  Back then it was a bunch of granola crunching hippies that would frequent the store for fresh fruit smoothies and healthy tuna salad sandwiches after surfing in Waikiki all morning.

Nowadays, we still serve fresh fruit smoothies and Mile High sandwiches crammed with tons of vegetables. We still sell granola, grains and brown rice, but Vim N Vigor is a modern day health food store for people just like us, looking to eat healthier, look younger, and have a better quality of life. We are mothers of young children looking for ways to feed our children that will keep them healthy, happy and smart. We are looking for non-toxic ways to clean our homes, fuel our bodies, and heal during illness–and we want to share how to do this with Hawaii.

Many people come to Vim N Vigor with a health concern…diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, cancer.  We have been helping Hawaii’s people get to a place in their health where they can safely come off dangerous prescription medications and manage their well-being with natural remedies that cause no dangerous side effects or toxicity to the body.  We have been working with nutritional supplements for years, and can guide you in the right direction based on our personal use and the testimonies of thousands of customers who have used–with success–the supplements we recommend.

“Going Green” starts with a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle…join us as we continue to make a difference in Hawaii…in the world.