Founder’s Message

Good health is regained and attained through personal effort. If good health seems like an illusive phantom, the science of wellness has the answer. Wellness is found in an individual’s mental and physical environment; it is found in exercising, resting, and most important of all, acquiring proper nutrition. This demands each person to be responsible for his/her own mental and physical well-being.

We advocate the same message that national health authorities, including university clinics and government agencies, are promoting: “Take Charge of Your Health!” Former US Surgeon General Coup said that “…there is no hospital, doctor, medicine, or any medical device that can do more for your good health than yourself.”

As Hawaii’s premier health and fitness store, we at Vim N Vigor know that proper nutrition can change people’s lives. We invite you to take advantage of the wisdom we have gained over the past forty-plus years in this business.

Vim N Vigor is committed to improving and maintaining the quality of our customers’ health through nutrition by providing the finest and most advanced nutritional information, products, and service.

We proudly present to you a selection of the most immediate discernable products that will convince anyone that indeed a nutritious diet is the first major stepping stone toward the ideal state of well-being.